Lippitt Field Day

Lippitt Morgan Horse Field Day to be held May 18 from noon to four at Morgandy Farm in Fort Plain, N.Y.

Open to all full Lippitts,  member-owned or not.

Lippitt Field Day Poster

Gifford Morgan and Bulrush

Gifford Morgan and Bulrush Memorial Marker in Walpole NH


Gifford Morgan Article

Mr. Frederick Wier Tombstone


Welcome to Lippitt Morgan Breeders Association! The LMBA was incorporated June 16, 1995, the purpose of this association is to preserve and promote the original Lippitt Morgan horse as defined at "What is a Lippitt?", and to better the conditions of those engaged in the breeding and care of the Lippitt Morgan horse. Click here to view the Breed Standard (pdf).


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Welcome to our New Officers!...

Welcome President Laura Bapp and Vice President Lester Welch! Thanks for stepping up!

Versatility Demonstration - May 18th

Join us at Ken and Wendy Ayers in Fort Plains, NY for a fun and educational day with Lippitt Morgans demonstrating their versatility!


2018 Foals

Please send any pictures of your 2018 foals (new foals or updated pictures) to Judy (

Remember, the gallery is there to showcase your new foals!



Remember: When selling your horse, if you don't know the buyer, get references
Contact their vet and farrier, and contact other Lippitt Owners whom you both might know.


Come back soon! News, Updates and Events will be added often!

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