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The LMBA Annual Fall Meeting will be held October 29th, 2022

The Bow Baptist Church, 1102 Rte 5, Springfield VT (across the street from Wes & Joy Smith's residence).  The meeting will begin at noon (in the meeting room located downstairs).  We suggest each person bring their own bagged lunch.  The Agenda includes Committee Reports and the tabulation of votes for Open Board Positions.  If time allows afterwards, we hope to drive by the nearby farm of A. Fullerton Phillips.

For those unable to attend in person, a Zoom conference will be set up (details to follow).  Please contact Rachel Lonergan with any questions (603)-508-2468.

2022 Lippitt Foal Gallery

JoGlenn LMS Drago

JoGlenn LMS Drago raf (Harwich Attila x Valamar Harmony Grace) colt f. 2/26/22

Moon Lark Daryna

Moon Lark Daryna raf (Maple Grove Merlyn x Ash Royalty Deidre Moro) filly f. 3/21/22

Tyson Morgan Ranch Bandit

T Morgan Ranch Bandit raf (Gethsemane Churchill x TOV Miss Legacy) colt f. 4/6/22

Oakenheart American Dream

Oakenheart American Dream raf (Brook Hill New Rendition x Jazz's Dances at Dawn) colt f. 4/21/22

Amberfields Julep Moro

Amberfields Julep Moro raf (Clearwater Ole Black Joe x Amberfields Jaspyr Moro) f. 4/22/22

Winesap Lochinvar

Winesap Lochinvar raf (Gethsemane Marcus x Venturous Skylark) colt f. 4/23/22

SD Blue Mt Joleen

SD Blue Mt Joleen raf (Marvelous Ima Dandy x Ute Mt Mischevious Rachel) filly f. 4/25/22

Oakenheart Danger Zone

Oakenheart Danger Zone raf (Brook Hill New Rendition x Jazz's Aurora) colt f. 4/30/22

Willow Creek Filly

Willow Creek filly (Brook Hill Revolution x Sonarose Rozita) f. 5/2/22

Okan Celena

Okan Celena raf (Okan Count on Me x Four Hearts Laluna) filly f. 5/7/22

Hillztop filly (Iron Horse Jericho x Iron Horse Trixie H) f. 5/8/22

Brook Hill 2022 Filly

Brook Hill Temptation raf (River Riders Rich x Morgandys Melody) f. 5/12/22


Authentic raf (River Riders Riddler x Juhasz Liberty) colt f. 5/13/22

Sonarose colt (Sonarose Sampson x Sonarose Barts Becky) f. 5/17/22

Okan Marquess

Okan Marquess raf (Okan Count on Me x Okan Storm Chaser) colt f. 5/24/22

Thornfield 2022 colt

Merlin raf (Thornfield Barberry x Weathermont Brooke) colt f. 5/26/22

Devine Top Gun Iceman raf (Devine Cool Hand Luke x Open Road Lily Langtry) f. 6/3/22

Kannonee colt

colt (Marvelous Ima Dandy x Kanonnee Zephyr) f. 6/4/22

Brook Hill Captivation raf (River Riders Rich x Peppercorns Melody Marea) colt f. 6/4/22

Mormac Grande Occasion raf (Schiellahon Nicholas x Brook Hill Cinder Ash) filly f. 6/9/22

filly (Okan Count on Me x Okan Lucky Lady) f. 6/14/22

Devine Top Gun Maverick raf (Devine Cool Hand Luke x Degalisto Ima Papaver) f. 6/15/22

Devine Top Gun Rooster raf (Devine Cool Hand Luke x Open Road Sunday Moro) f. 6/16/22

Sonarose colt (Sonarose Sampson x Wachuset Rita Roes) f. 6/17/22

Brook Hill Expectation raf (River Riders Rich x Morgandy's Raven) filly f. 6/24/22

filly (Clearwater Ole Black Joe x Primrose Treasures Untold) f. 6/29/22

Blue Spruce filly (Blue Spruce Summit x Heathermoor Darbys Loch) f. 6/30/22

Brook Hill Declaration raf (River Riders Rich x Holy Moly Sophia) f. 7/2/22

filly (Venturous Veteran x Wachuset Hopeful) f. 7/5/22

Gethsemane filly (Kings Cross Majestic x Kings Cross Saxony) f. 7/5/22

Mint Sarah

Mint Sarah raf (River Riders Rich x Mint Kiya) f. 7/5/22

SD Filly (Marvelous Ima Dandy x SD Blue Mt Maia) f. 7/7/22

If you have a full Lippitt new arrival you would like to share, please send a photo, sire, dam and birthdate to: Heather Smith at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Did You Know?

The LMBA Registry Database has been updated to reflect all Lippitts registered with AMHA and its' affiliates through the end of November 2021. Lippitts that have been reported as deceased (between 2004-2021) have also been noted as such.

Excluding any horses that would be 30 yrs or older(or noted as deceased) leaves us with approximately 1,780 living full Lippitts.

Excluding all geldings, mares and stallions older than 25 and younger than 2 years reduces the # down to just over 1,000 full Lippitt Morgans of breeding age!


Lester Welch of Ryegate Morgans was recently Honored at the AMHA Convention with the 2021 Breeders Hall of Fame Award.

We can't think of a more fitting Recipient, given all that Lester contributed to the Lippitt and Morgan World.

Lester & Indigo

(photo of Lester and his best friend, Stillwater Indigo from Lester's collection)


Congratulations to LMBA Member Abigail Hackett and Brook Hill Illumination for a successful 2021 Dressage Season!

They competed in 5 NEDA qualifying events to earn a qualifying score and compete in the Fall Festival GAIG USDF Region 8 Championships in NY.  They scored their highest score of the year, a 71.552%!  They are now ranked 56th in the nation in Training Level Dressage (Jr Rider/Young Rider Division) and are now working on Level 1 Dressage.  Watch for these two!


Congratulations to the Lippitt Morgan Stallion

Devine Cool Hand Luke & Chris Holm of Devine Morgans

of Lincoln MT on their Accomplishments at

The 2021 Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show!






The LMBA was incorporated June 16, 1995. The Purpose of this Association is to Preserve and Promote the Original Lippitt Morgan Horse as defined at "What is a Lippitt?", and to better the conditions of those engaged in the Breeding and Care of the Lippitt Morgan horse. Click here to view the Breed Standard (pdf).



Thank You to our retiring Board Members, and Welcome the New for 2022!

Welcome to Cheryl Godding, Treasurer and Wanda Iza, Director

Thank you to Joy Smith for your years of service as Treasurer, and to Heidi Lee for her time as Director.

Rachel Lonergan, Laura Bapp, Wendy Ayers, Frank Banko, Sue Beach & Judy Mosman continue in their roles as well - thank you!


We appreciate all who returned ballots and voted on the by law changes (which passed at the 2021 Fall Membership Mtg).

Photo Gallery

We are in the process of updating the photo galleries and would love to feature Lippitts owned by our Members.  Please send to Heather Smith at:


Remember, the Gallery is there to showcase your Lippitts!

Remember: Protect Your Lippitt Morgan

When selling your horse, if you don't know the buyer, get references.

Contact their vet and farrier, and contact other Lippitt Owners whom you both might know.


Come back soon! News, Updates and Events will be added often!





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