Lippitt Prefixed Mares and Foals

Some Lippitt Prefixed Mares and Some of Their Foals

Lippitt Trilby Ash (Ashbrook x Trilby) dob 1931 w/ Lippitt Silvester ( Lippitt Selassie x Lippitt Trilby Ash) 1952


Lippitt Ethan Ann ( Lippitt Ethan Ash x Lippitt Sally Moro) dob 1950 w/ Lippitt Gregory ( Lippitt George Moro x Lippitt Ethan Ann) dob 1962


Lippitt Royal Margarita (Lippitt Rob Roy x Alrita) dob 1950 w/ foal Moro Hill's Marksman ( Dyberry Ethan x Lippitt Royal Margarita) 1961


Lippitt Arrowhead ( Lippitt Searchlight x Lippitt Trilby Ash) dob 1945 w/ foal Lippitt Aurelius ( Lippitt Selassie x Lippitt Arrowhead) 1952


Lippitt Sally Moro ( Lippitt Moro x Lippitt Sally Ash) dob 1939 w/ foal Lippitt Ethan Ann 1950


Lippitt Sallie (Billy Hoffman x Mary Allen) dob 1918 with Lippitt Sally Ash ( Ashbrook x Lippitt Sallie) 1928


Lippitt Rosilee (Lippitt Searchlight x Lippitt Sally Ash) dob1945 pictured here with Lippit Roland (Lippitt Ethan Ash x Lippitt Rosilee) 1952


Lippitt Adeline (Ashbrook x Adeline Bundy) dob 1935 pictured here with foal by Nabob Morgan ( Ethan Eldon x Justine Morgan)



Welcome to Lippitt Morgan Breeders Association! The LMBA was incorporated June 16, 1995, the purpose of this association is to preserve and promote the original Lippitt Morgan horse as defined at "What is a Lippitt?", and to better the conditions of those engaged in the breeding and care of the Lippitt Morgan horse. Click here to view the Breed Standard (pdf).


Current LMBA Officer List
President: Grace Yaglou
Vice President: Elyse Henault

Secretary/Treasurer: Wendy Ayers Directors: Lester Welch Jane Currier
Elise Rimbey

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LMBA Annual Spring Meeting

May 14th, sunny, warm, Lippitts, friends and food...what else does one need?

The day started with a talk and demo from Grace Yaglou on the 1859 Concord Coach and various horns.

Then off to a restaurant and after a trip to Wachuset Farm. The weather was great, sunny and warm.


Welcome New Officers

Welcome to Grace Yaglou as President and Elise Rimbey as Director!


2016 Foals

Please send any pictures of your 2016 foals (new foals or updated pictures) to Judy (

Remember, the gallery is there to showcase your new foals!



Remember: When selling your horse, if you don't know the buyer, get references
Contact their vet and farrier, and contact other Lippitt Owners whom you both might know.


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