Justin Plus Four

In the center is Justin Morgan, credited with being the sole founding sire of the Morgan breed.

Around him, clockwise from upper left:

GREEN MOUNTAIN (42): foaled 1834, sired by Gifford, dam sired by Woodbury, 14 1/2h, 1100 lbs, deep bay, won premimums when shown at state fairs in KY, Ohio, Michigan and VT.

VERMONT: sired by Gifford, dam sired by Green Mt. 42 14h, 950 lbs, dk chestnut, last owned by Peters family in Bradford, VT. shown in 1854 at VT State Fair in Brattleboro, VT.

SHERMAN: foaled 1808, sired by Justin Morgan, dam unknown breeding, believed to be of Spanish or Arab breeding, 13 3/4h, 925 lbs, bright chestnut, one of the three best known sons of Justin Morgan.

MORGAN GENERAL: foaled 1845, sired by Billy root ( son of Sherman), dam sired by Black Prince, 15 1/2 h, 1200lbs, chestnut, sold to Illinois



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